1996 ShipwrecksReg Creighton – Shipwrecks 1996

Reg Creighton – Shipwrecks 1996

Reg Creighton is the current National Director and Director of Training for IANTD Canada. He is also one of the current leaders for the Transpac 95 Expedition, as well as technical diving in Canada. Reg is a fully certified commercial diver, hyperbaric chamber operator, hyperbarics instructor and instructor trainer/trainer for all levels (except Cave) within the IANTD organization.  Transpac 95 Reg Creighton will …

1996 Shipwrecks

Dan Lindsay – Shipwrecks 1996

Dan Lindsay has been diving for 23 years. Six years were spent in the commercial diving industry , working as Diver – EMT with Canadian based companies in the Beaufort Sea, Davis Strait and the Great Lakes. Dan is now an Electronics-Electrician by trade, but his greater love is the time spent underwater in deep water wreck exploration, videography and film-making. …

1995 ShipwrecksCris Kohl

Cris Kohl Shipwrecks 95

Cris, a long time resident of the central Great LakesRegion, has been a very active and avid scuba diver since his first exposure to diving in Bermuda in 1974. He has written several books on diving in Ontario including “Dive Southwestern Ontario”, “Shipwreck Tales: The St. Clair River (to 1900)”, “Dive Ontario’ and his most …

1995 ShipwrecksMike Fletcher 1998

Mike Fletcher 1995

Mike is a professional diver from Port Dover, Ontario. He has done extensive research on many shipwrecks in Lake Erie including the steamer Atlantic. On a dive in September 1984 Mike identified a shipwreck on the bottom of Lake Erie that would change his life and provide the rest of the world with a glimpse …

1995 Shipwrecks

Walter Lewis 1995

Along with his interest in scuba diving Walter Lewis also spends a great deal of his spare time studying Great Lakes shipping. He serves on two editorial boards and is completing his Ph.D thesis on the first generations of iron hulled steamboats. “The Cornwall” survived fifty years of service down the rapids of the St. …

1995 Shipwrecks

Dave Gilchrist 1995

Dave will be presenting an informative look at the Navy Hall Archaeological Site in the lower Niagara River at Niagara-on- the-Lake. This area of Niagara is rich in history and Dave is an avid historian and accomplished underwater photographer and is keenly interested in the preservation of this unique site.