2017 Shipwrecks

Kimberly Monk – Shipwrecks 2017

Kimberly Monk is a research fellow and lecturer in maritime archaeology at the University of Bristol (UK).  Originally from Toronto, she worked with Save Ontario Shipwrecks whilst an undergraduate at Western University. She later received a Master’s degree in Maritime Studies at East Carolina University and completed a PhD in Maritime Archaeology at the University of Bristol.  …

2017 Shipwrecks

David Trotter – Shipwrecks 2017

David Trotter has been involved in Great Lakes shipwreck searching, diving, exploration, and documenting new discoveries for 35+ Years. In solving “History’s Mysteries” he has made significant contributions to the history of our Great Lakes and provided new exploration opportunities for sport and technical divers to enjoy. His Discoveries have been featured on the Discovery Channel, …