Marc Beaudry has been diving since 1976 and holds ratings of Divemaster, Full Cave and Trimix. His passion for underwater video photography has taken him to locations in the Caribbean, Mexican cenotes, Florida fresh water caves and Great Lakes wrecks. Marc has documented the Frontenac in her still virgin state: intact hull and deck, cabin and wheelhouse collapsed off the port side and upright mast. Plates, bottles, compass, bell, wheel, anchors and running lights are still laying on the deck, with much still to be discovered. Marc’s video presentation will be of our second day of diving. 

The Frontenac

In September 1995, several Niagara Divers club members had the good fortune to be aboard the Brooke-Lauren when Spencer Shoniker of Suspence Charters discovered one of the lost ships of the area, the Frontenac. This ship was a 95 foot long steam tug which foundered in a storm on her return from shifting freight on a grounded freighter. Seven crew members were rescued by a second tug. Missing since December 12, 1929, she is in just over 100 feet of water and had laid undisturbed since that time. As the silt of sixty-six years was dusted from the transom, the name Frontenac of Kingston became visible.

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