Cris Kohl

Cris, a long time resident of the central Great LakesRegion, has been a very active and avid scuba diver since his first exposure to diving in Bermuda in 1974. He has written several books on diving in Ontario including “Dive Southwestern Ontario”, “Shipwreck Tales: The St. Clair River (to 1900)”, “Dive Ontario’ and his most recent venture, “Dive Ontario II”, which takes a look at many new dive sites across the province of Ontario.

He has also written many articles on maritime history and scuba diving which have appeared in Diver Magazine, Inland Seas, Ontario Divers Digest, Diving Times and numerous other publications.

Cris will be presenting two topics for us at Shipwreck/95 including “Dive Ontario” and ” The Shipwrecks of Pt. Traverse”.

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