Mike Fletcher 1998

Mike is a professional diver from Port Dover, Ontario. He has done extensive research on many shipwrecks in Lake Erie including the steamer Atlantic. On a dive in September 1984 Mike identified a shipwreck on the bottom of Lake Erie that would change his life and provide the rest of the world with a glimpse of our history and shipping on the Great Lakes.

This new discovery was the luxurious steamer Atlantic. At a length of 267′ and a narrow beam she was one of the fastest and sleekest ships on the lake. The Atlantic sank as a result of a collision in August 1852 and although several attempts were made to salvage her into the early 1900’s none were very successful.

She lay undisturbed for many years until a positive identification was made in 1984 by Mike. In the 10 years since the rediscovery of the Atlantic, Mike has established the Steamer Atlantic Preservation Project and is working diligently to try to protect this valuable resource for future generations.

Mike will give us an update on the Atlantic and show us the work he is doing on some recent shipwreck discoveries in Lake Erie. 

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