Reg Creighton is the current National Director and Director of Training for IANTD Canada. He is also one of the current leaders for the Transpac 95 Expedition, as well as technical diving in Canada. Reg is a fully certified commercial diverhyperbaric chamber operator, hyperbarics instructor and instructor trainer/trainer for all levels (except Cave) within the IANTD organization

Transpac 95

Reg Creighton will be presenting the Transpac 95 Expedition. The Transpac was a 180’commercial vessel that was lost 9 yrs ago due to collision in November, 1986. The wreck lies off the coast of British Columbia in an almost vertical position of 70 to 80 degrees. Diving starts in 122 fsw and extends to a little over 300 fsw. The wreck looks straight up at the surface, with the bow being the first thing seen on descent. The divers on the Expedition will utilize air, nitrox, trimix, oxygen, argonfull face masks and underwater communications to complete the dive safely.

The wreck is being dove by the Canadian Deep Wrecking Crew in the hopes of promoting it to the public and promoting technical diving in Canada. The Canadian Deep Wrecking Crew is sponsored by IANTD Canada, Zodiac Watches, Abysmal Diving Inc., AquaCorps Journal and Orcatron Communications.

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