Dan Lindsay has been diving for 23 years. Six years were spent in the commercial diving industry , working as Diver – EMT with Canadian based companies in the Beaufort SeaDavis Strait and the Great Lakes. Dan is now an Electronics-Electrician by trade, but his greater love is the time spent underwater in deep water wreck exploration, videography and film-making. Through his company, SeaView Imaging, he has created video from the Red Sea, the Andrea Doria, The Empress of Ireland, and right here in our backyard, Tobermory. We also welcome Dan back in his second year as a presenter at Shipwrecks.


Tobermory has always been the scuba diving capital of Canada. Every diver in Ontario who is first introduced to the sport has visited the pristine waters at the tip of the Bruce. Originally settled and named Collins Harbour, Tobermory’s surrounding waters have provided an important route for transportation and trade. Therefore, the inquiring diver can explore the remains of 21 known sail and steam vessels that lie within the boundaries of the Five Fathom National Marine Park. The video that Dan has produced on the Tobermory area illustrates many activities that the diving visitor can find there.

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