1998 ShipwrecksMike Fletcher 1998

MIKE FLETCHER – Shipwrecks 1998

Mike Fletcher is a professional diver from Port Dover, Ontario. Operating from his fully-outfitted 60′ dive support vessel, Kenteau, he has done extensive research on many shipwrecks in Lake Erie. Now in his 20th season of commercial diving, he is currently doing work for Aquatic Sciences, based in St. Catharines, Ontario. A speaker at our first Shipwrecks …

1998 Shipwrecks

TERRENCE TYSALL – Shipwrcks 1998

Terrence Neal Tysall is President/Founder of The Cambrian Foundation, a federally recognized not-for-profit corporation based in Florida. The mission of the foundation is research, education, exploration and preservation of the aquatic realm. He has organized and led expeditions to various sites the world over. Terrence holds Instructor Trainer/Evaluator ratings with IANTD, NACD, NAUI, NSS-CDS, SSI …