Matt Turchi and Darryl Ertel have been diving the Great Lakes since 1987, concentrating their efforts in Lake Superior. They have both Technical and Cave Diving training and are trained to operate their hyperbaric chamber. Matt enjoys making scale models of the wrecks they dive and Darryl is the Great Lakes Region dealer for the Biomarine Rebreather (BMR 500).

Matt and Darryl have been published in Immersed, Sport Diver, Deep Tech and Dive Travel


The steam yacht, Gunilda, was on a summer cruise in Lake Superior when she went hard aground. Her perch atop McGarvey Shoal was not fatal, but an ill-fated decision led to her demise. Explore with Matt Turchi and Darryl Ertel the fateful last moments and stunning underwater footage of one of the Great Lakes’ finest shipwrecks.

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