Joyce Hayward-1998

Joyce Hayward is the Vice President of the Association for Great Lakes Maritime History, where she serves as the Chair of the Divers Coordination Committee. She is Vice President of the Ohio Council of Skin and Scuba Divers and chairs both the Legislative Action and the Archaeological Advisory Committees. She was appointed by the Governor of Ohio to serve on the Submerged Lands Advisory Committee for Ohio. Joyce is the President of the Ohio Chapter of Save Ontario Shipwrecks. She is an avid shipwreck diver and underwater photographer, and has given presentations all over the United States and Canada. Joyce first presented for us at Shipwrecks/98 .

Where Is the Best Shipwreck Diving?

Where is the best place to dive shipwrecks…The Great Lakes or The Atlantic Coastline?  Join two well known shipwreck divers, Joyce Hayward, “Lady of the Lakes” and Gary Gentile,  famous East Coast Wreck Diver, as they endeavor to prove to the audience which region sports the best shipwreck diving! Whether this turns out to be an all out duel, or a friendly duet, the audience will be the winners as they view incredible shipwreck sites in both locations.      Shipwreck sites, and multi site locations, appeal to divers for a variety of reasons  which will be featured in this program:

*   Popular shallow shipwrecks have particular appeal to novice shipwreck divers.  These sites are easy to access, frequented by local charter services, and offer excellent viability. A great place to get started in diving shipwrecks!

 *   Artifacts:  Artifacts are the subject of intense interest on shipwreck sites. What kinds of artifacts can be seen in these very different settings, and what do they mean for the diver?

  *   Ship construction and parts of the ships, such as the helm,  which provide interest and photo opportunities will be featured in each location.

 *    Dive travel – It’s not only the diving, but the other things available to see and do,  that make a long dive trip worth the effort.  View special regions that beacon the diver!

 *    Deeper, technical dives for the advanced diver…sites below the 130 ft. depth, requiring decompression,  and advances in gear and training.  The presentation will feature selected sites in the deeper range, and why it is worth the extra effort to see the spectacular sites.

 This presentation is a first of its kind.  You won’t want to miss the fireworks as these two regional experts duel away with the best of the best shipwrecks in their region. Wheater this turns out to be an all out duel, or a friendly duet, the audience will be the winners as they view incredible sites in both locations.

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