Vincent Dokis has been diving since 1970! Mostly through inland waters of Ontario.

Recently he had been exploring the wrecks in the St. Lawrence River and those of Lake Ontario.

Holder of the N.A.S. II, this give him a unique perspective to the sunken treasures and their history.

As a charter boat operator, he conveys his passion for the wrecks in sharing his stories.

Treasures Beneath Kingston!

Kingston, Ontario. At one time the hub of commerce and transportation from the new world!

Ships would traverse the oceans to arrive in Kingston, bringing with them goods to the new land.

However, with them also came plague and disease. Often their cargo would be quarantined and their ships would be scuttled to a watery grave.

Today they lie in wait beneath the shores of Lake Ontario, many still intact as if ready to sail again.

We invite you to come and explore the rich history of the Kingston Wrecks! 

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