Tom Easop is a commercial/industrial photographer. Educated at Brooks Institute of Photographic Art and Science in Santa Barbara, California, he earned a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Color Technology with a minor in Industrial Imaging. He has 
operated his own commercial studio since 1986, in California and then in New York.

Advertising clients include Ocean Management Systems, Atlantic Express, and Teleport Communications Group. Underwater photography is a small part of the business. Underwater editorial clients include Sport Diver, Dive, Friedman Publishing Group, Mad Dog Expeditions, and Immersed.

In 1995 he was the founding Director of Photography and launch team member of Immersed – The International Technical Diving Magazine, and has traveled the globe to generate photos for the magazine. Tom is currently writing a book, entitled The Guns and Armor of Scapa Flow.

He has been a NAUI diver since age 14, and now is an IANTD Trimix Closed Circuit Rebreather Diver with over 2500 dives.

Tom also works as a New York City Paramedic on a per diem basis for several private hospitals contracted to the 911 system. 

The Guns and Armor of Scapa Flow


This program is about the ships of the German Imperial High Seas Fleet, the Kaiserlichemarine, which were interned in Scapa Flow in November of 1918, following the Armistice and as a condition for the lifting of the Royal Navy’s Blockade of Germany. Seventy four ships of the Imperial High Seas Fleet spent the winter in Scotland with skeleton crews. Upon the imminent signing of the Treaty of Versailles, they were scuttled in defiance of some of the terms of the treaty on June 21, 1919.

The ships themselves and the diving on them in Scapa is the focus of this talk. Concentrating on the technology of the guns and the armor protection, the audience will be taken on “dives” using the slides to see what they look like now, what it is like to dive in Scapa Flow, and to illustrate the points of the talk. This combination slide and video presentation will feature Toms’ underwater photography,  historic photographs, and  the diving. Tom will speak about the construction and innovation of the ships and the ships of their day, the Dreadnoughts. Also included will be information about the smaller ships of the fleet and the idea of fleet action. The historic context of their development will also be integrated into the presentation. 

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