We spend a lot of money on our dive trips and many of us enjoy taking pictures or video on these trips, but what do we do with these once we get home? Whether you are shooting video or still pictures, this workshop will help you put together an effective trip story for your family and friends to see and enjoy without boring them to death!

 Internationally renowned and award-winning Underwater Filmmaker, Roger Roth, will share various hints to producing a well-rounded video or your own photomontage that you’ll be proud to show. He will go through many aspects of your trip with suggestions of the shots you may need to tell your story. You will learn about the value of assembling storyboards, hints at taking different types of shots, composition of those shots and why, and even suggestions about voice-overs and/or presenting your final production to larger groups like your local dive shows, dive clubs and/or even libraries.

 The workshop will run two hours for a cost of $35 per person which will include handouts that will be made available to all attendees once they are registered and paid.

Length: 2 Hours

Cost: $35 (CDN)

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