Roger Roth is a former science teacher and has been diving and filming underwater since 1988.  He’s earned nine international first-place awards for underwater video production and has authored dozens of educational videos for schools and educational outreach programs around the world.  He has also authored dozens of promotional videos for scuba diving destinations around the world.  A partial client list for Roger includes the Discovery Channel, the U.S. Navy, the Nature Conservancy, Aggressor Fleet, LTD., Jean-Michel Cousteau and the Ocean Futures Foundation. 

Roger Roth was also the Founder and Director of the international, non-profit Underwater Images Photo/Video Competition and since its inception in 1998, he had taken in and donated over $90,000 to marine conservation and scholarship purposes.

8 World-Famous Shipwrecks of the Sinai Peninsula

There are numerous world-famous shipwrecks to be found around the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula in the northern Red Sea. The Gulf of Suez has been important for shipping purposes for centuries and after the Suez Canal opened in 1869 after 10 years of construction, it made the shipping trade much easier and faster between Asia and Europe without traveling around the southern tip of Africa.

Because many of these shipping lanes are narrow in some places and have shallow reefs that reach to the surface in other places, navigation through them proved difficult for many ship captains. Naval battles also took their tolls through the centuries and World War II was a major factor in bringing many more ships to their demise as a result of bombings.

Some of these shipwrecks sit in shallow water near the tops of reefs found just under the surface making it easy for sport divers to safely dive in and around them. Others are sitting in 100-135’ depths making these dives somewhat more technical and dangerous. Some are deteriorated with beautiful marine life encrusting and inhabiting their surfaces. Others are still upright and can be penetrated to contemplate the lives lost as these ships sank below the surface.

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