Scarlett Janusas is the President of Scarlett Janusas Archaeology Inc., which conducts both land and underwater archaeological assessments, and cultural heritage assessments in Ontario.   

Scarlett holds a BA and MA in archaeology, served as President of the Ontario Marine Heritage Committee for 10 years, President of the Ontario Association of Professional Archaeologists for 4 years and is the current chair of the Tobermory Hyperbaric Facility.  Scarlett was also a NAUI scuba instructor, teaching courses at the University of Western Ontario and independently.

She was part of a team conducting excavations on a 16th century Basque whaling ship, the San Juan, which sank in 1565 in Red Bay, Labrador with Parks Canada, was the principal archaeologist  for the Prehistoric Submerged Shoreline study north of Tobermory, and has been involved in numerous consulting projects for proposed dams, marinas, waterfront improvements, etc.  recording resources such as fish weirs, marine railways, cribs, shipwrecks, and other marine related infrastructure.  She has been working in underwater archaeology for over 35 years.

The AVRO Arrow Model Search and Recovery Project

Search and Recovery AVRO Arrow Model Project – 2018 update

In 2017, 396 targets were identified in the area of search for the AVRO Arrow models using synthetic aperture sonar.  This year, an additional 800 targets were located, and some ground truthed. 

While there appeared to be several promising targets, these were disappointingly identified through ground truthing and diver reconnaissance as rocks and missiles, and not parts of the elusive 9 models fired from Point Petre in the 1950s to assist with the development of the supersonic interceptor, the AVRO Arrow.  

The target identified in 2017 therefore became the focus of recovery in 2018, and former top secret documentation aided in identifying this target as one of the most important finds of the program.  With the assistance of the Air Force, the Navy, the Coast Guard, the Army, commercial divers, the recovery of this artifact was conducted under the supervision and direction of the project archaeologist.

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