Rudy Whitworth has been an active scuba diver since 1978 and has been an avid UW photographer since 1983. He has been a winner in many world wide UW photo contests. As President of Seahorse Productions, LLC, Rudy has been an entertaining speaker at DEMA, Our World Underwater,

Beneath The Sea, SCUBAFEST, Shipwrecks and Scuba  and at the Great Lakes Shipwreck Festival as well as many presentations to scuba clubs, marine organizations, colleges and schools. He has taught UW photography classes and his images have been printed in SKIN DIVER, Dive Travel and Dive Chronicles magazines, 4 of the Coral Reef Alliance calendars, ten scientific papers, Resort/Liveaboard brochures, pamphlets, websites, booth backdrops, booth TV shows and advertising publications.

He has done extensive Great Lakes diving and has honed his photographic skills in many exotic locations. His images are included in the New World Publications, for their Caribbean Reef Fish ID and their Caribbean Reef Creature ID books and in “Fishes of the Caribbean” fish ID CD/DVD marketed by ReefNet.  In 2009, a coral reef restoration slide show created by Rudy was shown at the Conference for Global Warming in Denmark. In 2011 thru 2015, he recorded eight half hour travel programs for “So Far, Safari” on CMN-TV Public TV.

Shipwrecks of Malaysia

Malaysia, as a marine oriented country, has much nautical history to be proud of. The shipwrecks of Malaysia are plentiful and widespread. Abundant fish life abounds and surrounds these many shipwrecks. Most shipwrecks are within the normal scuba depths and for those Tech Divers, there are some real gems at deeper depths. These shipwreck locations range from Tioman, to Kuching, Miri and Labuan. 

In the presentation, Rudy will share wide angle images of the shipwrecks, their special features and their inhabitants. Examples are the Hie Maru, Katori Maru, KM Sipadan, USS Solute, MV Tung Hwuang and Mabini Padre. For the Tech Divers they have HMS Repulse and the HMS Prince of Wales. Rudy will also talk about the quality of the dive operations and the available accommodations.  The highlights are the Shipwrecks from World War II. Rudy will also share species identifications with you.

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