The Stayers, Explorer Club Fellows and Boston Sea Rovers Associate Members, are well-known underwater filmmakers dedicated to sharing shipwrecks, animal behavior, and remote dive destinations around the world. Jim & Pat have discovered several shipwrecks, co-authored 3 books, produced hundreds of multimedia presentations, and their footage has appeared on numerous major networks worldwide.  They have directed several evening film festivals and are popular presenters across North America. Pat is in the Women Divers Hall of Fame and Jim is a USCG Captain. Together they have led an amazing life of adventure.

Ice Seals The Fate Of The Eber Ward In Ten Minutes

The Eber Ward, a wooden steamer, was built in 1888. In 1909, she struck an ice floe while passing through the Straits of Mackinaw and sank within 10 minutes taking 5 of her crew with her. Chuck and Jeri Feltner discovered the Ward in 1980.  This program includes an interview of their discovery along with some original underwater footage. Tony Gramer revisited this shipwreck and re-filmed her in high resolution. Tony tragically passed away, so Jim and Pat Stayer volunteered to complete the project. Enjoy a tour of the wreck that lies 140 feet below the surface of Lake Michigan. 

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