Helen Cooper has been in the diving industry since 1994 when she and her late husband, Dave Cooper, opened up the first dive shop in Brockville. 

Fast forward 27 years, 6 dive charter boats, 2 dive shops, a couple of air stations and kids, Helen has become the regional source for local dive site information in the Upper St Lawrence River and Picton, Lake Ontario. 

Helen has always been an active member of Save Ontario Shipwrecks helping to put out and bring in the local wreck moorings every season as well as working with the Thousand Island Association to place and retrieve rock and shoal markers.

Helen has recently taken on the position of Vice President of the Save Ontario Shipwrecks 1,000 Islands Chapter as well as being a board member of Preserve Our Wrecks, Kingston.

Web Site: https://www.divebrockville.com/

The Manola – One Ship, Two Shipwrecks

Helen loves Shipwrecks with a good story and the Manola doesn’t disappoint. She has an honourable history and is quite possibly the only wreck that can claim to be two separate Shipwrecks!

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