What can you say about David Trotter?  David has given more presentations than any other speaker at our annual Shipwrecks Symposium.  He just keeps discovering shipwrecks and as long as he does, we’ll keep inviting him back!

David Trotter is a renowned shipwreck discoverer, deep diver, author, lecturer and photographer.  In over 30 years of diving, he has been the first to locate, identify and document 70+ Great Lakes shipwrecks.  His shipwreck discoveries and programs have been featured on television and in newspapers throughout the U.S. and Canada and in Gerry Volgenau’s book “Shipwreck Hunter”.  He has written several articles on Great Lakes shipwrecks that have been published in historical journals and national scuba diving publications.

Through Undersea Research Associates, founded to present the Great Lakes community with an electronically sophisticated means of underwater search and survey for archaeological and commercial purposes, he presents visual underwater time capsules of marine history.  Utilizing state-of-the-art side scan sonar, with outstanding skilled operators, the organization offers high resolution bottom profiling at depths to 1,000 feet, underwater site survey and underwater photographic documentation.

“The Mighty Hercules” and Other Great Stories

Although the Great Lakes hold many shipwrecks in remarkable condition, one of their most unique has never before been seen by divers or historians.  It is the giant working dredge, Hercules, one of the largest working dredges to have ever been lost.  While these vessels normally live out their lives working in protected harbors and close to shore, at times fate does intervene.  After eighty years, her loss now provides shipwreck divers and historians the opportunity to explore a working vessel, upright on the floor of Lake Huron.

The views of the vessel are magnificent, with her upper works beginning relatively shallow, and extending 200’ to the floor of Lake Huron.  Swimming in and around the huge “I” beams, cables and pulleys attached to the giant upright dredge is an unprecedented dive and exploration experience.


How does an intrepid shipwreck hunter discover a virgin shipwreck in the middle of a Michigan winter?  …..   Easy, if you know how to do it!  It is “only” 10 years later that the explorers touch this long missing schooner to enjoy exploring our Great Lakes marine history.

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