Authors of the recently released Erie Wrecks and Lights, Mike and Georgann are well known for their other two books, Erie Wrecks East and Erie Wrecks West. They have been diving around the world since the early 1970’s.  However, nowhere else in the world have they discovered the kind of pristine and perfectly preserved shipwrecks that lie in the fresh waters of the Great Lakes.

As their passion for shipwrecks grew, they began the extensive research exhibited in the Erie Wrecks books.  What was once a part time hobby became a full time investigation of the myths and realities behind the thousands of shipwrecks in the Great Lakes.  In addition to their books, Mike and Georgann have published numerous magazine articles, and are actively involved in creating diver access to and preserving Great Lakes maritime history.  Both have been active in the Maritime Archaeological Survey Team (MAST) where Mike is past president and Georgann has been treasurer. Under Mike’s tenure, 6 shipwrecks in Ohio waters were moored for divers.  They serve actively in several dive clubs, including the Bay Area Divers (BAD) and Lake Erie Wreck Divers.  This makes them both BAD and LEWD.

Georgann is an accomplished researcher who is sought after as a speaker on sport diving, Great Lakes shipwrecks, and aquatic life. Her marine artwork has been exhibited around the Great Lakes.  Mike makes his living as a management consultant and public speaker. For both Georgann and Mike, their first love is shipwreck diving.  The collaboration of Georgann’s love of research and Mike’s love of story telling provides the fuel for the Erie Wrecks series. More information is available on their web site; Lake Erie Shipwrecks

The Steamer Sun & Seven New Lake Erie Discoveries

This new program will focus on the discovery of the steamer Sun south of Rondeau Bay, Ontario.

In addition, the Wachters will highlight seven other new shipwreck dive locations including the sandsucker Gerkin and schooner Albion located by Jim Herbert and Gary Kozak, a rum runner sunk near Colchester, barge US 240, a schooner off Long Point, the schooner Groton and a net hang site they believe they were the first to dive.

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