For 35 years Jim & Pat Stayer have been diving in the Great Lakes and around the world.  Pat is a member of the Women’s Diving Hall of Fame and Jim has been a U.S.C.G Licensed Captain for 24 years.  They have co-authored three books and produced 20 DVDs. 

The Stayers have discovered eight shipwrecks and documented numerous others.  They have worked as cameramen for the History Channel and their footage has appeared on several major commercial networks.  Jim and Pat have been popular presenters at dive shows across the country. More information is available on their web site; Out of the Blue Productions

A Deadly Mistake – The Sinking of the U-352

During WWII the U-352 was one of the German Submarines that patrolled the East Coast waiting to ambush any merchant vessel that dared cross their path. On May 9, 1942 the U-352 mistook the Coast Guard Cutter USS  Icarus for a merchant ship and fired upon her.

A deadly mistake. This  program includes: the story of the sinking, complete with historical photographs; an interview from one of the divers that discovered the wreck in the Graveyard of the Atlantic; and footage of the sub on the bottom and deep within her hull.

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