David Gilchrist, an NDA member, is a former presenter and Master of Ceremonies at Shipwrecks.

2020 marks his 50th year diving, with his initial training with the Aqua Knights of Hamilton, in 1970. He is a former ACUC,CMAS,DAN and PADI MSDT Instructor. He has been an active member of the Ontario Marine Heritage Committee(OMHC), participating in numerous archaeological programs with this group.

An avid underwater photographer, his award winning photographs have been displayed at Underwater Canada, the Vancouver Aquarium, the Ontario Science Centre, libraries and galleries. They have also been published accompanying articles in several magazines and also in  children’s books.

After a first diving program at Resolute Bay in 1987, in 1989 he was the recipient of a Canada Council grant, through the Arctic Awareness Program, to complete an underwater photography project in Canada’s High Arctic. He is more prone nowadays to be found in warmer waters having enjoyed trips to the islands of the  Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Chuuk Lagoon and the Red Sea.

Hope Island/Christian Island Shipwrecks Revisited

Shipwrecks in Lower Georgian Bay became an attractive dive location in the mid 1970’s.  Many older divers here today may have enjoyed a  dive weekend on board the ‘Argonaut Diver’ when we could  visit several wrecks, the Western Island lighthouse and even a wreck over on the east side of Georgian Bay.

Four of the wrecks that became quite popular were the Mapledawn, the Michigan, the Hope Island ‘Mystery’ Wreck and the Lottie Wolf. Fortunately, these wrecks are still there and relatively free from zebra mussel encrustations. For the new diver they offer a great first experience with shallow water wreck diving. At least two great charter services presently offer diving to these wrecks. This presentation will outline some of the features of this collection of Shipwrecks.

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