Bernie Chowdhury is a popular and engaging speaker at diving events throughout North America.  He has worn many hats during his 19 years in diving, including:  instructor, expedition organizer, industry consultant, documentary co-producer, lecturer, and author, to name a few.  He is the founder, publisher and editor of immersed: the international diving magazine, a quarterly about to enter its eighth year of publication, with subscribers in over 63 countries. 

His first book, The Last Dive, (non-fiction, published by HarperCollins in North America, Oct, 2000; paperback, March, 2002) has received critical acclaim.  It is currently available in six foreign languages, and two audio versions.  Rights have been sold in at least ten languages, with various release dates slated in Europe and Asia.  Bernie is a Fellow of the Explorers Club, and was named 2001 Diver of the Year (Education) by Beneath the Sea, which hosts North America’s largest consumer scuba diving show (at New Jersey’s Meadowlands). 

Norway:  “Wrecks of the Norwegian Arctic at Narvik”

Narvik is relatively unknown to North American divers.  Perhaps its location in the Arctic Circle, its lack of a dive shop, and lack of advertising have kept Narvik and its many wrecks a secret.  More than 55 freighters, surface warships, submarines/U-boats and planes were sunk in and around Narvik during April, 1940 when forces headed by Germany and Britain fought to secure this vital iron ore shipment center. 

Visibility of 50 feet can be had within Narvik harbor and viz of 60-80 feet is common in the surrounding fjords.  But wreck divers beware: convoluted diving policies and artifact rules have recently resulted in at least one Norwegian home being raided by police, with a diver arrested, as well as Interpol Oslo requesting that the U.S. State Department investigate Bernie’s diving activities in Norway.  This spectacular site has become a wreck-diver’s Orwellian nightmare.

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