Howard Robins is one of the founding members and current Vice President of The Artificial Reef Society of British Columbia and past board director of the Underwater Archeological Society.

Howard has been an active diver for over 30 years and has remained close to the scuba industry. He has extensive wreck diving experience throughout the world and now lives in Vancouver. 

British Columbia’s Artificial Reef Project

The ARSBC began in 1989 as a non profit society dedicated to the enhancement of  British Columbia’s marine environment.  The group with its supporting membership of 200 strong has been successful in sinking 4 decommissioned 366 ft Canadian built destroyers, one 178 ft coastal freighter and in 2001 HMCS Cape Breton, a 455 foot WWII Victory ship was sunk in Nanaimo off Vancouver Island. 

Through these volunteer programs, the ARSBC has advanced the sport of diving through public education on the use of man made reefs. The ARSBC has shared its ship recycling and preparation technology with other countries such as Austrailia, New Zealand, San Diego USA and Mexico in helping to develop their artificial reef programs based on what is widely known as “the Canadian model”.

Howard’s presentation will focus on the methods of creating artificial reef projects and discuss how their development have become a tourism success in Canada and around the world.

In British Columbia you will understand the impact of these “made for diver reefs” and how they have helped to enhance BC’s scuba dive tourism industry, the marine ecology and the economic benefits to BC’s coastal communites. 

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