Shipwrecks/2005 was held Saturday April 2, 2005. We had over 470 people in attendance.  For 2005 we had 128 door prizes (including regulators & dive charters) are now listed on the web site along with the contributors and winners names.

The Fort Erie Underwater Recovery Unit once again held a 50/50 draw with proceeds going to the Lake Erie (Eastern Basin) Mooring Project. A total of $600.00 was raised for the project and three prizes of $300.00 / $180.00 / $120.00 given out. Our thanks to the FEURU for their contribution and effort. 

For our eleventh annual Shipwrecks Symposium, the Niagara Divers’ Association was very pleased to present:

A selection of seven full length multi-media presentations by  internationally renowned speakers.


We were again pleased to introduce several new local topics and presenters with a number of 5 minute “shorts” between our primary presentations.

Show Speakers
Master of CeremoniesDavid Gilchrist
Empress Of Ireland - Past, Present and FutureTyler Bradford
Adventures of a Sea Hunter-In Search of Famous ShipwrecksJames P. Delgado, FRGS
HMS Repulse Expedition 2004Dan MacKay
Two Ships........ Frozen In TimeDavid Trotter
Morrell Encounter: The True Story of Discovery and AdventureDavid Trotter
Shipwrecks of Lake Erie-Infamy and MysteryGeorgann and Mike Wachter

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