Mike took his first formal scuba training in 1981 and then trained as a commercial diver in 1984. He subsequently trained as a paramedic in diving medicine in Los Angeles, California and ran a hyperbaric facility in Ontario for a year.

He has been taking pictures underwater for 15 years and has traveled to many exotic destinations including Honduras, Belize, St. Lucia, Bonaire, The Bahamas and Hawaii.

He has spent the last six years diving, photographing and researching shipwrecks and other sites throughout the Great Lakes with emphasis in the area at the eastern end of Lake Ontario and into the St. Lawrence River.

Mike has been a speaker at numerous trade shows in Canada and the United States and has won several awards for his Great Lakes shipwreck photography.

“River of Riches”

From war ships of the 1700’s, graceful wooden schooners and modern day freighters to old abandoned hotel sites and military battle grounds this area of the St Lawrence River has become a premier dive destination in the last five years. Come explore the rich and varied history of this area in a presentation that will include 15 of the areas most impressive wreck sites and the¬†stories of found treasures that laid buried for 100’s of years. Each wreck will include a detailed history and present day location, along with underwater and historical images. Come see what 350 years of history has done for this divers paradise.¬†

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