David Trotter is a renowned shipwreck discoverer, deep diver, author, lecturer and photographer. In over 20 years of diving, he has been the first to locate, identify and document over 60 Great Lakes shipwrecks. His shipwreck discoveries and programs have been featured on television and in newspapers throughout the U.S. and Canada. He has written several articles on Great Lakes shipwrecks that have been published in historical journals and national scuba diving publications.

Through Undersea Research Associates, founded to present the Great Lakes community with an electronically sophisticated means of underwater search and survey for archeological and commercial purposes, he presents visual underwater time capsules of marine history. Utilizing state-of-the-art side scan sonar, with outstanding skilled operators, the organization offers high resolution bottom profiling at depths to 1,000 feet, underwater site survey and underwater photographic documentation.

Quest For The Minnedosa; The Pride Of Canada

Share the adventure of this 15 year quest to uncover one of the truly unique Great Lakes mysteries. The schooner Minnedosa was born to superlatives. Four masted and the largest schooner ever built in Canada, she was no match for the autumn storms on Lake Huron. There were no survivors to tell the story of why she sank on October 20, 1905 while carrying 80,000 bushels of wheat. The discovery and historical documentation uncovers what really happened that cold night. 

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