Out of the Blue Productions is really three people, Jim & Pat Sayer and Tim Juhl. Since 1987, the trio has been working together to locate and produce documentaries on shipwrecks, primarily in the Great Lakes. They started out shooting 35 mm slides and have graduated to using digital video cameras and state-of-the-art computer based editing equipment. Educators by profession, they enjoy sharing the rich maritime history of the Great Lakes with the public, through their video productions.

On November 29, 1966, the Daniel J. Morrell sailed into lower Lake Huron on what was to be her last trip of the season. As she rounded the tip of Michigan’s Thumb, she faced the full fury of a storm whose winds reached 65 m.p.h. and waves exceeding 25 feet. With little warning, the Morrell broke in half. Of her crew of 29 men, only one survived ….. Dennis Hale. The program features a 3 part presentation:

OUT OF THE BLUE PRODUCTIONS, recent underwater video of the Morrell as she lies today, her bow and stern separated by five miles.

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