Cris Kohl

Cris Kohl, one of our most popular speakers, has returned for his third year with SHIPWRECKS. Cris, a long time resident of the central Great Lakes region, has been a very active and avid scuba diver since 1974.

He has written several books on diving in Ontario, including Dive Southwestern OntarioShipwreck Tales: The St. Clair River (to 1900)Dive OntarioDive Ontario Two and his most recent venture Treacherous Waters: Kingston’s Shipwrecks.

He has also written many articles on maritime history and scuba diving, which have appeared in Diver Magazine, Inland Seas, Ontario Divers Digest, Diving Times and numerous other publications.


On November 29, 1966, the Daniel J. Morrell sailed into lower Lake Huron on what was to be her last trip of the season. As she rounded the tip of Michigan’s Thumb, she faced the full fury of a storm whose winds reached 65 m.p.h. and waves exceeding 25 feet. With little warning, the Morrell broke in half. Of her crew of 29 men, only one survived ….. Dennis Hale. The program features a 3 part presentation

CRIS KOHL, with a multimedia slide presentation of the history of the Morrell‘s career from her launch up to her final voyage


Effervescent with maritime history, Kingston, at the eastern end of the Great Lakes, offers an extremely high concentration of intact shipwrecks.

Enjoy the adventure of exploring sunken vessels such as the elegant, 1848 side wheeler Comet, the tragic schooner George A. Marsh (with 12 lives lost, including the captain and his family!), and the newest shipwreck discovery, the tug Frontenac.

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