David Mekker, a long-standing member of the Niagara Divers’ Association, is Chair of Shipwrecks/2010.  He has held that position for the last thirteen years, and has been instrumental in bringing what began as a small show to the successful world-class event it is today.

Dave was certified in 1989, trained in Nitrox and Cave diving in 1992, and has since moved into deep and Trimix diving, with over 1,200 logged dives.  His enthusiasm and “drive to dive” led him into underwater photography in 1992.  His photography has centred around Great Lakes shipwrecks, resulting in awards at events such as the Ford Seahorses Great Lakes Film Festival.  In 2000, Dave discovered a new passion for underwater videography – this will be his sixth presentation at Shipwrecks.

Dave is honoured to have been able to assist Joyce and to be able to present her final and favourite presentation.

In Memory – Joyce Hayward

Joyce Hayward-1998

Anyone that has attended the NDA’s Shipwrecks Symposium over the past 15 years would have come to know one our most loved presenters. Joyce Hayward, after a multi year battle with cancer, died August 25, 2009. Her goal was to live to see the birth of her grandchild which happened in early July. She is deeply missed by the diving community!

One of the first presentations Joyce did for us back in 1998 was not only one of our highest rated but also one of her favourites which she continued to research. Over the years she not only found more photos but also some film footage. Knowing that she was short on time, she asked NDA member David Mekker to help her update the program. She had hoped to present the new show at Shipwrecks/2009, but sadly she was too ill to attend.

For The Love Of A Ship; The Sad Saga Of The Alvin Clark

Launched in 1846 and lost in 1864, the Clark was discovered in 1967 on the dark and murky bottom of Lake Michigan. The ship was virtually a submerged time capsule, and was in perfect condition. Could the ship be raised and what would be the outcome?

The Alvin Clark became one of the most exciting and yet controversial shipwrecks in the Great Lakes. A haunting story from beginning to end, the odyssey of “The Mystery Ship from 19 Fathoms” will long be remembered.

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